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Thank you for using iCBT for tinnitus. This free iCBT will be replaced by a paid version on 21st of May 2021. With immediate effect the domain of www.icbt4tinnitus.com will not be linked with the free programme. To access the free iCBT programme until 21st of May use this direct link: https://hashirtinnitusclinic.com/icbt-for-tinnitus/

Welcome to this iCBT for Tinnitus programme (internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy) which is designed for those who experience bothersome tinnitus and wish to learn how to manage the distress caused by their tinnitus using the techniques of CBT. This programme is the first comprehensive free self-help iCBT for Tinnitus and has been authored by Dr Hashir Aazh (Audiologist, Specialist in Tinnitus Rehabilitation at the Royal Surrey County Hospital) in collaboration with Dr Brian C. J. Moore (Emeritus Professor of Auditory Perception in the University of Cambridge, Department of Psychology) and Dr Fiona Seaman-Thornton (Clinical Psychologist at the Royal Surrey County Hospital). This programme comprises 7 free online modules and is aimed at improving access to this evidence-based intervention for anyone who experiences this debilitating condition anywhere in the world.

“A technology is a real progress when it is available to anyone”
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In 2020, digital CBT programmes for tinnitus were recommended by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). NICE is sponsored by the UK Department of Health and Social Care and provides national guidance and advice.

Start from the first module (Assessment and 4C) and go on to completing other modules in the right order. The best interval between each of the first 6 modules is 3-4 days to allow time to practice different exercises between each module. Intervals of more than one week between the modules are not recommended. The final assessment (Module 7) needs to be completed one month after completing the iCBT for tinnitus programme.   

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