Auditory imagery (musical or speech-like tinnitus)

Auditory imagery is the perception of muffled or unrecognizable speech or music in the ears or head without actual acoustic stimulation. If you have auditory imagery you should see an ENT specialist in order to assess and treat the underlying cause of your symptoms. If this persists to be a problem, then you should seek help from a specialist audiologist for therapy.

In most patients auditory imagery is not related to any other medical condition. Hashir has helped many people who experienced auditory imagery over the last 15 years in his NHS and private practices. Hashirs pioneering auditory imagery-focused cognitive therapy helped the patients to minimise the impact of the condition on their lives and the noises no longer bothered them and gradually faded away to the background.

Auditory imagery research highlight

  • Recent multi-disciplinary study showed that majority of patients who experienced auditory imagery did not have any abnormal finding in their auditory system and brain imaging, no relevant psychiatric illness, and no other relevant medical cause.
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