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This is the private clinic of Dr Hashir Aazh BSc, MSc, PhD which offers consultation and therapy service at Guildford, Surrey, London and UK-wide and international from distance via video calls. Hashir is an academic and clinical expert in the field of rehabilitative therapies for tinnitus, hyperacusis and misophonia for children and adults in the UK. A recent study that assessed patient’s views about the effectiveness of therapy for management of tinnitus, hyperacusis and misophonia showed that 85% of patients ranked their treatment as very effective (click here for details). In addition, a significant number of parents have been delighted with the improvements their children make during therapy at Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Therapy Specialist Clinics. The focus of the therapy is to help patients to regain their confidence in leading their normal life without depending on any equipment or medication.

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Did you know that scientists in NASA were the pioneers in hyperacusis research?
What to do if you are a musician and experience tinnitus and/or hyperacusis? Join the International Seminar on Hearing Care for Musicians organised by Dr Hashir Aazh
Did you know that Winston Churchill might have had Misophonia?


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I was a bit dubious beforehand about treating what I saw as a physical problem with therapy. The treatment I had has made a great difference to the effect that hyperacusis has on me and I am now able to do things and go to places that I could not before.

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