A 75 years old patient with severe tinnitus and depression wrote:

Dr Aazh treated me after the sudden onset of severe tinnitus which was both frightening and disabling. His weekly sessions were a lifeline in helping me to cope with my condition – the therapy offered enabled me to start to live with the tinnitus and to the greatest extent to get my life back on track. For me, his greatest asset is his ability to work with the specific situation of the individual, and provide a mental framework to work with which puts the tinnitus in perspective, and in which it can be best managed. I’m very grateful to Dr Aazh and very satisfied with the therapy I received.

A 40 years old patient who received tinnitus therapy wrote:

The process of discussing my tinnitus and addressing the issue head on was helpful for reducing slightly the level of fear I felt around it. It would have been useful to have had more sessions over a longer period of time – to give more time to develop and strengthen the coping techniques & positive counter thoughts. In addition to the CBT, wider discussions with Hashir and knowing I was doing something to address how I deal with my tinnitus was reassuring. I think tinnitus is a very specific condition that is very difficult to appreciate if you have not experienced it or are not an expert in audiology. It is a condition that is with you all the time, at work or at rest; it is inside your own head and feels inescapable. It is not an outside problem or an external issue to be resolved and to have someone understand that and tie it in with knowledge of hearing, hearing loss and hyperacusis etc is extremely important. I have had more general CBT for other issues in the past and think the targeted CBT approach in the audiology department made the CBT treatment as useful and relevant as it could be.

A 50 years old successful business owner with tinnitus and work-related stress wrote:

I made an appointment with Dr Aazh out of despair as I was suffering from the rapid onset of tinnitus. As well as physical examinations, Dr Aazh approach was centred on psychological tests and evaluation and it was quickly discovered that my tinnitus was stress related. Following changes to my lifestyle my tinnitus disappeared quickly and I am extremely grateful to Hashir for his calm, thoughtful and professional approach.

A 58 years old with long lasting tinnitus and hyperacusis wrote:

I have had Tinnitus for many years. To help me handle the condition I had 10 sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Hashir. Each session lasted one hour and as I live many miles away, was conducted through Skype. Each session was well structured and required full participation. I learned a great deal about my negative emotions towards Tinnitus and how I could replace them with counter statements that do not self harm. Using this process I have been able to rebuild my levels of tolerance and ability to cope.


A 20 years old university student with hyperacusis wrote:

Before my treatment with Hashir I was barely able to hold a conversation without being in pain because my ears were so sensitive. I also really struggled to listen to music and as a musician this was very problematic as I’m sure you could imagine. I dropped out of university, stopped all of my musical projects and rarely socialised. After I completed the treatment I was able to go back to university (studying music production), socialise more often and can now make music until my hearts content. I would definitely recommend his treatment, it changed my life.

A 60 years old who experienced severe pain in his ears when hearing day to day noises (a condition which is called pain hyperacusis) wrote:

I was a bit dubious beforehand about treating what I saw as a physical problem with therapy. The treatment I had has made a great difference to the effect that hyperacusis has on me and I am now able to do things and go to places that I could not before.