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Video Resources

Did you know that scientists in NASA were the pioneers in hyperacusis research?
What can be done at Universities to help students who suffer from Misophonia?
Did you know that Winston Churchill might have had Misophonia?
What are the psychological treatments for Misophonia?
What to do if you are a musician and experience tinnitus and/or hyperacusis? Join the International Seminar on Hearing Care for Musicians organised by Dr Hashir Aazh
Are people with hyperacusis sensitive to a particular type of sound?
How to do a hearing test for individuals who experience tinnitus?
What is the most important international event on hyperacusis?
Does tinnitus get louder as our hearing deteriorates?
What is the relationship between depression and tinnitus/hyperacusis?
What is the relationship between childhood adverse events and coping with tinnitus and hyperacusis in adulthood?
Why I hear music or muffled speech when there is no external sound around me?
How to treat hyperacusis in children?
What to do if you have tinnitus?
What to do if certain noises hurt your ears?
What to do if you can not tolerate eating noises?
What is the most comprehensive training course in the UK for healthcare professionals who are specialised to provide assessment and management for tinnitus and hyperacusis?
Diagnosis &Treatment of Misophonia: hatred of certain sounds (e.g., eating, slurping etc)
Audiologist-Delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Alleviating Misophonia-related Distress
Misophonia, Maladaptive Schemas and Personality Disorders: A Case Series
Specialised method of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) delivered by audiologists for tinnitus
Human brain imaging and animal models of tinnitus, hyperacusis and hearing loss
Research evidence about the use of therapeutic sounds to alleviate tinnitus
ENT surgical procedures for middle ear disorders which in some patients lead to minimising tinnitus
For Hearing Healthcare Professionals