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Dr Hashir Aazh Has Been Recognised as the Number One Expert in Hyperacusis in Europe and the Second in the World!

August 2021

Dr Hashir Aazh has been identified as the number one expert in Hyperacusis in Europe and the second in the world. The 2021 rankings, compiled by ExpertScape, identified Professor Richard Salvi from State University of New York at Buffalo (right hand...
Living Well with Tinnitus: A Book Signing Event

August 2021

Date: 14th November 2022 Venue: Guildford G live   Dr Hashir Aazh and Professor Brian C.J. Moore return with a new book in 2022. The ticket price includes a copy of the book, which you will collect when you check in to the venue. Or you can...
Dr Hashir Aazh Talks to the Independent About Misophonia

The Independent, July 2021

Dr Hashir Aazh talks to The Independent about misophonia and its impact on the life of the person who experience it. Sometimes we may find certain sounds irritating and hard to ignore. Examples are: scraping a chalkboard with the fingernails, someone...
The 2021 Ranking, Recognised Dr Hashir Aazh to Be In the Top 0.4% Among Tinnitus Experts in the World

July 2021

Dr Hashir Aazh has been recognised as to be in the top 0.4% among 12,000 published tinnitus researchers and clinicians in the world. He has been recognised as the 9th top-rated tinnitus expert in the UK among 500 published researchers and clinicians...
Internal Consistency And Convergent Validity Of The Inventory Of Hyperacusis Symptoms

Ear and Hearing, November 2020

The aim was to assess the validity and reliability of a new questionnaire for hyperacusis, the Inventory of Hyperacusis Symptoms (IHS). Results showed that this hyperacusis questionnaire has good internal consistency and reasonably high validity, as...
Telehealth Tinnitus Therapy During The COVID-19 Outbreak In The UK: Uptake And Related Factors

International Journal of Audiology, October 2020

During COVID-19 lockdown, patients were offered telehealth CBT via video using a web-based platform. This study evaluated the proportion of patients who took up the offer of telehealth sessions and factors related to this. Although CBT via telehealth...
The Relationship Between Hearing Loss And Insomnia For Patients With Tinnitus

International Journal of Audiology, January 2020

It is possible that tinnitus, hearing loss and insomnia are all linked to oxidative stress. If so, there should be a relationship between insomnia and hearing loss among patients with tinnitus. The aim of this study was to assess the relationship...
Parental Separation And Parental Mental Health In Childhood: Coping With Tinnitus And Hyperacusis In Adulthood

Audiology Today, December 2019

In a trilogy of studies conducted by Dr. Aazh and an international network of researchers from University of Cambridge, Florida Atlantic University, and University of Regensburg, the relationships among parental mental health and parental separation...
Patients’ Perspectives About The Acceptability And Effectiveness Of Audiologist-Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Tinnitus And/Or Hyperacusis Rehabilitation

American Journal of Audiology, December 2019

The aim of this study was to evaluate the views of patients who completed audiologist-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) about (a) the effectiveness of the treatment, (b) the acceptability of receiving CBT from audiologists, and (c) the...
Does Tinnitus Get Worse As Hearing Loss Increases In Severity?

The Hearing Review, Tinnitus, October 2019

Karl E. Strom the editor of The Hearing Review reports on the study Hashir Aazh, PhD, and Richard Salvi, PhD, published in Journal of American Academy of Audiology which shows only a weak association between tinnitus loudness and puretone average...


ENT perspectives on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Tinnitus

Panellists: Dr. Hashir Aazh (Audiologist, UK), Dr. Ana Jotic (ENT specialist, Serbia), Dr. Sandra Bastos (ENT specialist, Brazil)

This podcast focuses on clinical implementation of CBT methods by ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialists in management of their patients with otological disorders combined with tinnitus. The main topics were (1) clinical management of a patient with chronic suppurative otitis and tinnitus using CBT (Dr. Ana Jotic) and (2) Clinical management of a patient with tinnitus and severe progressive hearing loss using CBT (Dr. Sandra Bastos). Dr Aazh was moderating the podcast.

iCBT for Tinnitus (internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy)

Presenter: Dr. Hashir Aazh (Audiologist, UK)

This podcast focuses on the use of iCBT programme which comprises 7 online modules and is aimed at improving access to this evidence-based intervention for anyone who experiences this debilitating condition anywhere in the world. This iCBT for tinnitus programme is as the result of collaborative work between audiologists, hearing scientists and clinical psychologists and is founded based on reflecting on clinical practice and research on this topic. This podcast is recorded during the official launch of iCBT for tinnitus.

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