Expertise in Hyperacusis: Worldwide

Dr Hashir Aazh Has Been Recognised as the Number One Expert in Hyperacusis in Europe and the Second in the World!

August 3, 2021 at 12:08 pm

Dr Hashir Aazh has been identified as the number one expert in Hyperacusis in Europe and the second in the world. The 2021 rankings, compiled by ExpertScape, identified Professor Richard Salvi from State University of New York at Buffalo (right hand side in the image) as the top-rated expert in Hyperacusis in the world based on his publications during the years 2011-2021. Dr Hashir Aazh (middle of the image) was recognised as second followed by Professor Brian Moore from University of Cambridge (left hand side in the image) who was ranked as third among 1,208 published researchers and clinicians in the field of hyperacusis worldwide. This is a particularly significant distinction as ExpertScape objectively and independently ranks people and institutions by their expertise in biomedical topics.

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