The 1st International Conference on Pharmacology & Gene Therapy for Tinnitus

December 2023

The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers and clinicians from the fields of hearing science, pharmacology, and gene therapy to share their perspectives and scientific discoveries that can guide future development of tinnitus treatments. 

Virtual Event Based in The UK

28th June 2024

Target audience: Healthcare professionals and members of public are welcome to attend.


  • How to guide future developments in pharmacology and gene therapy for tinnitus by exploring:
  1. Mechanics of the cochlea
  2. Cochlear synaptopathy
  3. Structural & functional brain abnormalities
  4. Psychoacoustic and audiological characteristics of tinnitus
  5. Psychiatric mechanism of tinnitus distress
  6. Similarities and differences between dreams, hallucinations, unexplained sensory experiences, and tinnitus
  • How to assess the effectiveness of future pharmacological interventions and gene therapy for tinnitus?
  • What side effects for future drugs or gene therapy for tinnitus can be predicted?
  • The legislations for gene therapy and its implications for tinnitus treatment
  • How to identify specific patient population who might benefit from a certain medication?
  • Can food supplements help tinnitus or improve tinnitus management outcomes?
  • Preventative treatments for tinnitus

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Early bird registration fee (if you register by 15th January 2024): £45

Standard registration fee (if you register after 15th January 2024): £95

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    For Hearing Healthcare Professionals