Misophonia Lunchbreak Webinars

Cognitive Restructuring and Neurostimulation: Can they reduce the distress caused by misophonia?

March 2024

    A recent study conducted by scientists at Duke University delves into the distinctions between misophonia, and general difficulties in emotional management. Their research uses cognitive restructuring and neurostimulation techniques to...
What happens to my brain after Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Misophonia?

January 2024

  Ever wondered about the impact of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) on your brain’s response to trigger noises, if you have Misophonia? Watch this YouTube series as we delve into this intriguing subject. Our session will feature...
Reflexes, Reactions or Responses? Understanding misophonia and the science behind it

December 2023

  Have you ever questioned if it is possible to control our responses to certain noises? Perhaps you have made a sound which has created an extreme reaction in a loved one and wondered why? For people with Misophonia, it can feel completely...
Misophonia Research and Recovery

December 2023

  Mercede Erfanian (PhD) presented insights into the mental health profiles of children with misophonia during a lunch break webinar on November 15th at 12:30 GMT. Unraveling Mental Health Profiles in Children by Rinaldi & Simner Study...
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