Tinnitus and hyperacusis therapy specialist unit

Hyperacusis 1

In the following questionnaire, choose the answer which best applies to you:

For each question please select one number based on how you are feeling now.

Questionnaire No Yes, a little Yes, quite a lot Yes a lot
Do you ever use earplugs or earmuffs to reduce your noise perception? (Do not consider the use of hearing protection during abnormally high noise exposure situations)
Do you find it harder to ignore sounds around you in everyday situations?
Do you have trouble reading in a noisy or loud environment?
Do you have trouble concentrating in noisy surroundings?
Do you have difficulty listening to conservations in noisy places?
Has anyone you know ever told you that you tolerate noise or certain kinds of sound badly?
Are you particularly sensitive to or bothered by street noise?
Do you find the noise unpleasant in certain social situations?
(e.g., Nightclubs, pubs or bars, concerts, firework displays, cocktail receptions)
When someone suggests doing something (going out, to the cinema, to a concert etc) do you immediately think about the noise you are going to have to put up with?
Do you ever turn down an initiation or not go out because of the noise you would have to face?
Do noises or particular sounds bother you more in a quiet place than in a slightly noisy room?
Do stress and tiredness reduce your ability to concentrate in noise?
Are you less able to concentrate in noise towards the end of the day?
Do noise and certain sounds cause you stress and irritation?
For Hearing Healthcare Professionals