Tinnitus and hyperacusis therapy specialist unit

Hyperacusis 2

Please answer each item to the best of your ability, as close to your experience as possible.

For each question please select one number based on how you are feeling now.

1. Compared to most people, common everyday sounds seem excessively loud to me:
2. Sound can cause me pain and/or physical discomfort
Hearing sounds can make me feel:
3. Stressed out
4. Tense
5. Angry
6. Irritated
My sensitivity to sounds can make it difficult:
7. To cope
8. To concentrate
9. To relax
10. To sleep
11. To maintain important work, academic and/or household responsibilities
12. To have the social life I wish to have
13. To take part in meaningful activities I used to enjoy
My increased sound sensitivity can make me feel:
14. Hopeless
15. Alone or Isolated
16. Afraid
17. Frustrated
18. Tired or fatigued
I find the challenges of being exposed to loud sounds:
19. Difficult to explain to my friends and family
20. Difficult to explain to doctors and other caregivers
21. Can make it difficult to be in loud places
22. Can make it harder to use transportation (cars, buses, trains, bicycle, motorbike etc).
23. Can make me afraid to leave my house for fear I may be exposed to loud sounds
24. Has made it more of a problem to get around
25. Can make it difficult to do the things I used to enjoy
For Hearing Healthcare Professionals