Weinstein’s Noise Sensitivity Scale

Following statements are describing my attitudes to noise. Answer them using the scale from 1 to 6 in following way:

1. I wouldn’t mind living on a noisy street if the apartment I had was nice.

2. I am more aware of noise than I used to be.

3. No one should mind much if someone turns up his stereo full blast once in a while.

4. At movies, whispering and crinkling candy wrappers disturb me.

5. I am easily awakened by noise.

6. If it’s noisy where I’m studying, I try to close the door or window or move somewhere else.

7. I get annoyed when my neighbours are noisy.

8. I get used to most noises without much difficulty.

9. How much would it matter to you if an apartment you were interested in renting was located across from a fire station?

10. Sometimes noises get on my nerves and get me irritated.

11. Even music I normally like will bother me if I’m trying to concentrate.

12. It wouldn’t bother me to hear the sounds of everyday living from neighbours (footsteps, running water, etc.).

13. When I want to be alone, it disturbs me to hear outside noises.

14. I’m good at concentrating no matter what is going on around me.

15. In a library, I don’t mind if people carry on a conversation if they do it quietly.

16. There are often times when I want complete silence.

17. Motorcycles ought to be required to have bigger mufflers.

18. I find it hard to relax in a place that’s noisy.

19. I get mad at people who make noise that keeps me from falling asleep or getting work done.

20. I wouldn’t mind living in an apartment with thin walls.

21. I am sensitive to noise.

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